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Welcome to a new school year and an exciting time of growth and learning! We are committed to providing a nutritious dining program that is designed to fuel our students with a variety of wholesome and great-tasting options. Our unique partnership with Quest Food features the following program highlights:

About Quest

Quest is proud to be your dining partner for the school year and we are committed to providing a nutritious program for all students. Our menus are thoughtfully crafted and informed by our Food Philosophy which includes high-quality ingredients, scratch made cooking techniques, and responsible product sourcing. The health and wellness of students is our top priority, and we encourage healthy choices and a love of good food every day.

 Quest prides itself on serving one school at a time with special attention to the nutritional needs and wants of each community. With over 35-years of culinary experience, we have developed an unparalleled collection of scratch made recipes to offer a rotating variety of options for students.

Scratch-Made Food

High-quality, whole ingredients that are made-to-order using the freshest ingredients and chef-crafted recipes.

Menu Variety

Seasonal and regional ingredients, local and global food concepts, and a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.


High standards for souring including milk without any added growth hormones, cage-free eggs, sustainable seafood and USDA-certified proteins. Localized Approach A program that is tailored to our school community, gathering continued feedback from parents and students to meet our needs.

Localized Approach

A program that is tailored to your school community, gathering continued feedback from parents and students to meet your changing needs.

Food Philosophy

The Quest Food Philosophy is to prioritize the health and wellness of our guests by cultivating chef-crafted recipes containing the highest quality ingredients. Our team of culinarians use scratch made cooking techniques and thoughtful product sourcing to serve both flavorful and nutritious meals, keeping sustainability and animal welfare practices at the forefront of purchasing standards. A few of our standards guarantee includes:

-       Produce that is fresh, fresh-frozen or packed in 100% juice or water.

-       Cage-free shell & liquid eggs and milk that is free of added growth hormones.

-       High-quality beef, chicken, and other whole muscle USDA-certified proteins.

-       Whole grain, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and allergen-friendly options.

-       Sustainable seafood following Marine Stewardship Council guidelines.

-       Single-origin and hand-harvested coffee beans grown by women-owned farms.

Viewing Monthly Food Menus

Quest is happy to announce that we have upgraded our menu software to LINQ, which is specifically designed for NSLP.  What this means for District 56 is that we have a new parent menu portal effective 10/2.  You go to linqconnect.com and search for Gurnee School District 56 under Check District Menus.  You then select which school from dropdown and which meal, breakfast or lunch.  Allergens are available by selecting which of the top 9 in drop down on top.  Nutritionals and ingredients are available by selecting a specific item. CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLYER FOR MORE INFORMATION

Lunch Menus

🍎May 2024🍐

My MealTime

Gurnee School District 56 has partnered with My MealTime, a fast, secure online service for making credit or debit card deposits and monitoring your student’s lunch account. Parents/ Guardians will no longer make payments for lunch/a la carte items through Skyward Family Access. You will need to register and use My MealTime. All current food balances for your student(s) have been transferred to My MealTime.  Payments accepted will be CASH only in the school office of your child(ren) and credit/debit cards online.  No online payments will be accepted in the office or by phone.

Note: The school office personnel will not have access to your My Mealtime account for such things as user logins or passwords. Please click on Forgot your user or password? and follow the prompts to reset your account credentials. 

My MealTime Information

Allergen Icons

Icons for the top nine allergens are visible in our dining areas at points of service and also listed next to each menu item in FD Meal Planner. If your student needs further assistance for a serious food allergy, please contact the Food Service Director, Lynn Reece, lreece@questfms.com.

Allergen Icons Image

We cannot eliminate the risk of cross-contact or guarantee that any item is free of allergens due to the nature of our kitchens and our reliance on suppliers for accurate information.

 Our kitchens are allergy aware, not allergy free. Our full allergen statement can be found at: www.questfms.com/allergens.

A la carte Items


Loading Funds

All breakfast and lunch meals are free to all students.  If your student would like to purchase a la carte items such as chips or beverages (5th-8th grade only). Please login into My MealTime to add funds to your student food service account.



Quest Contact

Lynn Reece - Food Service Director