Welcome to Transportation

Steve Kirwan - Supervisor of Transportation
Veronica Herrera - Administrative Assistant
Phone: 847-336-8997
Email: transportation@d56.org

  • All students must board the bus at their assigned pick-up stop on a consistent five (5) day a week basis.

  • Students shall be at their assigned pick-up bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled time. 

  • Proper behavior is expected at the bus stop. Students must stay off the road, but be visible to the bus driver and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before boarding.

  • Proper behavior is expected while on the bus.  For detailed information regarding School Bus Conduct, please review the Transportation section of the Parent-Student Handbook (found on the D56 Website).

  • Buses will drop students off at their assigned drop-off location on a consistent five (5) day a week basis.  For Kindergarten and younger students, a designated adult must be present at the bus stop to pick up the student from the bus.

  • Routes will not be altered without permission from the Transportation Director.  If you have a concern regarding your student's bus stop, please contact the Transportation Office.

  • The driver is in charge at all times students are on the bus, including during emergency situations.

  • Cell phones and Ipads may be used on the bus as long as earbuds/headphones are used. No videotaping or photos to be taken. All devices must be kept inside the seating area (not above the seat or in the aisle).  No inappropriate content.

  • If a pick-up or drop-off change needs to be made for your student, please email the request to Transportation@d56.org at least two (2) days prior to the requested change date.  

Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for additional information regarding  transportation policies and procedures.