Pawlak, Brian - Music

Brian Pawlak - Music Teacher

Hello, my name is Mr. Pawlak and I am the music teacher here at Spaulding School. I teach Kindergarten, first, and second graders lessons on rhythmic, melodic, creative, and performance content throughout the year. I see each class once a week for 45 minutes.  The biggest part of my teaching philosophy revolves around; singing. I begin every class with essential vocal warm-ups that challenge students to access their head voice and master their approach to singing. Many of my lessons are centered around short songs and rhymes that focus on basic rudimentary musical concepts that align with the Illinois state standards of music education. Students will also learn about music history and the many composers who contributed to the common repertoire throughout the centuries. Other areas of study include: instrument families, Orff curriculum, genres, and musical contrasts. It is my goal to prepare students for a continued music education. My students should have a well-rounded knowledge of basic music concepts and history by the time they graduate from Spaulding School. 

Phone: 847-662-3701 x 6138