Welcome to Hybrid Learning!! We will have some students at home doing remote learning while we have other students in the classroom doing remote learning with their teachers. Dr. Pacatte has given the go-ahead to begin on Monday. Below are some dates and some information that you will need to know prior to that time. Things will look slightly different for our pre-k students.

    When hybrid learning begins, the first day of each of the next two weeks (February 1 and February 8) will be days that asynchronous learning takes place. This means the teacher will give directions as to what the students will be doing that day, but will not be teaching over the computer to them through Google Meets. Our teachers will give detailed plans for the day through Seesaw. This time gives the teacher a chance to work with the students in person and get them used to being back in the building.

    For pre-k classes, the asynchronous days will be different. Their days will be the first two days of next week, February 1 and February 2. This will give them time to help the students who are in school.

    Attendance will be taken during asynchronous days via the work turned in to the teacher through Seesaw.


    • Will I have the same teacher?

      Yes, your teacher assignment will not change regardless of your choice to do remote or hybrid learning.

    • What will the classroom look like?
      The classroom will have desks or tables spaced 6 feet apart with some tape on the floor showing the boundaries. The teacher will teach from the computer, the same as they did while your child was at home learning. The only difference is that your child will be in a desk in class.

      The students at home will be on the iPad with the students in school and the same teacher will continue to teach both groups.

    • Where will my child eat lunch?
      Your child will eat lunch at the desk in class. We cannot open the lunchrooms due to the number of students that are allowed to be in the same room together safely.

    • Will we have recess just like we used to?

    Your child will have 2 scheduled mask breaks per day with the classroom teacher outdoors. In case of bad weather, the break will take place indoors for 10 minutes or less.

    What about special classes like art, PE, music, tech, and library?
    These classes are held in the regular classroom and the teacher will travel to be with the students in that room. The students will not move around from room to room as we regularly would due to safety concerns.

    Due to some students returning physically, a new schedule will go out through Seesaw. Your
    child’s teacher will send it prior to Monday. In-person students will go home at 1:45 PM each day.

    There are a few reasons that your child might not be allowed to continue in-person learning:

    • You did not sign the parent agreement and turn that in to the office. If you need another copy, it is here.

    • Your child refuses to keep a mask on their face. We must follow the health rules.

    • Your child refuses to stop touching other students when asked. We must keep all

      students safe.

    • You do not self-certify your child by 7:30 AM each morning. This is a requirement and

      we cannot allow anyone into the building without it. If your child comes on the bus and there is no self-certification done, they will not be allowed in class and you will get a call to pick them up. If you have not set up your self-certification, here is the link to do so.


      D56 Hybrid Learning Plan
      D56 Hybrid Learning Plan
      D56 Parent Agreement
      D56 Parent Agreement
      Link to Historical Parent Communiques from D56