What is Skyward Family Access?

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    Skyward Family Access is a web-based component of Skyward, our student database management system. This access will enable parents to take an unprecedented and much more proactive role in their student's education. At this time, this is only available to Parents and Guardians of our middle school students in grades 6, 7, and 8. This access is secured by a unique username and password.

    With this system you will now have access to the following information on your student(s): 

    • Student Demographic Information—View general information and emergency contact information to make sure everything is up to date in our database records.
    • Student Grade Book Information—View students current grades***, missing assignments, and teacher comments.
    • Message Center—View messages from your student’s teachers to you and the ability to reply back on a one-to-one basis.
    • Student Attendance—View every absence or tardy recorded for the student in an easy to use calendar format.
    • Student Schedules—View the student’s schedule as well as teacher and contact information for each class.
    • Student Health Information—View immunization records and other health related information on file about your student.

    In terms of security, we realize how sensitive student information is.  We have taken a number of steps to protect access to this data.  Any connection to the system requires a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection that encrypts data between your computer and our server.  This is the same technology utilized by banks and credit card companies to protect data transferred over the Internet. We don't just let anyone have access to the system.   This information that you have received has only been sent to the primary guardian on record with the district. Non-custodial parents may have access to their student(s) records as long as the appropriate forms are on file at the school in which your student is enrolled. For further protection, the system creates a log record each time it is accessed.  This shows who accessed it, when, and what was accessed.  This information is readily available to the parent/guardian each time he or she logs in.  Any discrepancies should be reported to the district technology department immediately. 

    To get started, click here to log into Family Access

    ***Current grades--There are many factors that determine how soon a teacher can assess and return assignments. Essays and research papers take longer to grade than a quiz or daily work. Coaching, club sponsorships, and family commitments can also affect turnaround time, as well as a teacher's student load.  We have encouraged our staff to post grades every 3 business days at the minimum for quizzes and daily work, and every 5-7 business days for research papers and projects.  We urge students and parents to be patient as teachers do their best to return assignments and post grades as promptly as their schedule allows.