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Miss Gilbert

I am a kindergarten and first grade teacher at River Trail School.  I live in Chicago and love spending my free time exploring the city.  I went to Purdue University for my undergrad and American College of Education for my masters degree. I love being with my family and spending time with my two nieces, two nephews, and one more on the way!  I can't wait to share this year with your special little one and your family! 


eLearning Day 1:

Happy Snow Day!!!!


The following information outlines what you need to do for the day.  You need to complete 5 hours worth of work.  Be sure to complete reading and math first, and then move onto other areas.  I’ll check in on various applications to monitor your progress.  If you have any questions regarding an assignment today, I will be available through email.


When you have completed 5 hours worth of work, have your parent email me stating so. 



  • Go on SeeSaw and record yourself reading the story “Buster is Back”
  • Work on your Spelling packet (Unit 9.2) using Google Classroom for about 20 minutes. Remember to work neatly and to press save when finished!
  • Click on the link below and listen to The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.
      • Pretend you are making a snowman. Go on Doodle Buddy. Create your snowman. Then, write down the steps in sequential order you would need to do to create your own snowman. Example: First, Second, Third. First, Next, Last.



Go on Doodle Buddy.

1. Use stamps to show how you solved one (or both) of the story problems below.  Also, write a number sentence to match.


There are 5 suns and 3 bats.  How many fewer bats are there than suns?


There are 12 dogs playing outside.  If 3 run away, how many are left?


2. Type your own addition story problem.  Use stamps to show how you solved it.  Make sure to include a number sentence.

For example:

Fred has 1 cat.  Bob has 2 cats.  How many cats do they have in all? 

1+ 2 = 3

They have three cats in all.


3. Type your own subtraction story problem.  Use stamps to show how you solved it.  Make sure to include a number sentence.


4. Do IXL and ST Math each for 30 minutes.




      • Watch
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmm1J2yI9tk
      • Go outside.  Make a snowball, the bigger the better!
      • Bring it inside and set it on a plate.
      • Take a picture with your iPad of what your snowball looks like right now.
      • Wait 15 minutes (go back and play outside).
      • After 15 minutes, take another picture of what your snowball looks like.  How much has it melted?
      • Wait 15 more minutes (read a book or go back outside).
      • After 15 minutes, take one last picture of your snowball.  How has it changed since you first made it?  How has it changed since 15 minutes ago?


If it is too cold to go outside, get an ice cube from your freezer and follow the same directions.


Make a video telling us about your snowball (or ice cube).


Social Studies:


Today’s special

  • Music 
  • Go to Ms. Andrew’s website,
  • Be sure to complete the assigned work.