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    The curriculum in place at Gurnee School District #56 has been created by using the Illinois Learning Standards as a base level of performance.  These standards were based on the Common Core State Standards.  On June 24, 2010, the State of Illinois formally adopted the Common Core Standards.  These K-12,  Common Core Standards were designed by a state-led committee targeting better preparation for college and success in the global economy for all students.  District #56 will follow all directives received regarding the implementation of these new standards.  All curriculum reviews and revisions from this point on will include the use of these Common Core Standards.

    It is the goal of all Gurnee District #56 staff that our students exceed state standards. As such, we are continually working to improve our instructional practices and raise the level of expectation for all students by increasing the rigor whenever possible.

    The purpose of this page is to provide the viewer with specific information related to all content areas included in the Gurnee School District #56 curriculum.  It will be continually revised and updated to reflect the ongoing work of the instructional staff. 

    State Standards:  D56 follows the Illinois Learning Standards

    Approved Textbooks:  Gurnee School District #56 conducts an annual review of selected areas of the curriculum.  During this process instructional staff review and revise the existing curriculum to meet the needs of the students.  Teachers then review, evaluate and select instructional materials for adoption (purchase) that will align with the curriculum and instructional goals.  While these textbooks are recommended for use, strong educators often supplement these materials with other support items they have determined to align with the district curriculum. 

    Please note that the State of Illinois has eliminated the Illinois Textbook Loan Program and no longer subsidizes the purchase of textbooks.  Any textbook purchases must now be made through local budgets and will only take place as funds permit.

    Professional Development:  Professional development is the cornerstone for ongoing improvement of instructional practices in Gurnee School District #56.  A constant review of educational research, as well as support for newly adopted instructional materials and equipment, drive the focus areas for the adult learners in the district.  Professional development opportunities are not only provided during Teacher Institute and Early Release days, as noted on the school year calendar, but during the school day and after school as well.  Many District #56 teachers choose to avail themselves of volunteer opportunities for learning in order to improve their professional practices.